RMSS 2016 Newsletter

RMSS 2016 Newsletter

So as I am here writing this year’s newsletter, I can’t express how excited I am for this upcoming race season of 2016.  The weather is getting warmer, tracks are only weeks away from opening testing here locally and some of our racers have already hit the tracks for some racing and early testing.  We had so many great races, challenges, and excitement last year, that we can only expect bigger and better stories and close racing again this year.  Years past, I always recap the season, wonder how the next year can get any better, share excitement about our champion and how the championship comes down to the last race of the season, and always ask how the next year can be any better than what we just endured.  Stick shifters, all that I can say is you better be ready for this season!  Last year we had the highest RMSS membership count, only a couple rain out events and sadly, we lost a couple mentors and a great friend and sponsor of the RMSS.  We crowned a great racer that has been racing hard the last couple years, once he finally got his racecar on the track, he has been a tough competitor ever since.

Our car count has been getting bigger every year which I can only hope means that we are an amazing and quick growing class and that everyone is wanting to join a 1st class group of racecars.      We appreciate all the new members for joining and continuing the tradition of the class and our passion, everyone else for spreading the joy and excitement of our class for those who have not joined or do not know about the group.  We have been trying to update and keep everyone informed with social media and a newly designed and amazing website www.rockymountainstickshifters.com.  A very appreciative THANK YOU, needs to go to Larry Cleveland and Vince Martinez, as Vince has all of his hard work into the website and keeping it up to date, and Larry for allowing him to do this while on the clock.  We have some great sponsors that continue to support us and have also helped sponsor the website.  So, as always, if you need anything that our sponsors can help out with, please give them and chance and say thank you by supporting them.  Keep up to date with all new information, rules and notifications by keeping up on Facebook and the website.  If you are planning any competition advantage products, please contact a board member for approval so you stay legal.  Remember that we started this class as old school racing, with wide open, fast, wheels up and gear banging racing.  Some of the great information available is learning about how we lost a track that we have had so much fun at, while we gain an old track back onto the schedule.  We will miss the fun in the windy state of Wyoming, racing for a prestigious award in the Jack-a-lope trophy.  For those who have been able to capture one, know the history and tradition of this award and how hard it was to get one of those one of a kind awards. We also know the good old saying of when one door closes another one opens, or reopens.  We are proud to let all racers know that we will be returning south to open arms, hot temperatures and some familiar faces when we head back to Pueblo Motorsports Park again for a couple races with new management running the track. This year we have checked and double checked dates and have made sure that this year we are running in Kearney Nebraska for Labor Day.  We will also head back to Julesburg Dragstrip for Memorial Day and 4th of July.  Not to be mistaken with being current champion Travis’ home track, but we look forward to some great BBQ and fireworks.

We had to take one race away from Julesburg this next season to allow some other racers a chance at a championship as Travis Podratz has taken a liking to Julesburg and I believe he rented a hanger at the dragstrip. Travis who has raced with the group for the last 3 years made a statement last year when he started a run that carried him into this seasons champion with a win against 2 time RMSS champion Larry Cleveland in Julesburg and then the next race at Julesburg a runner up to good friend and 2014 champion John Ryan again in Julesburg.  This stretch last year was in his brand new El Camino that he spent the last couple years completely rebuilding while getting to know the group running his s10 Chevy Pickup.  Travis was a great contender bringing everyone to the highest level of competition they were able to be at and making him a great champion being gracious in victory as in defeat.  Travis was able to keep a small lead taking the championship over prior champion, Mike Kelly, finishing second in the chase. After a crazy summer that we haven’t seen for quite some time, we had only a couple races rained out, one scheduling conflict had us scrambling to reschedule an event mid season.  Thankfully Julesburg stepped up and allowed us to not lose another race and help this championship battle stay competitive.  Although scheduling another race at a track that Travis has dominated at the last couple seasons, we were able to have a great Labor Day weekend racing with perfect weather and ending the weekend with what is seeming to be a great tradition of a great parking lot party and BBQ.  This year Travis has a chance to make another run at the championship but will have some new racers to the association that will be bringing their a-game this year when we run our 9 race season kicking off in Julesburg again this year.  We look forward to seeing everyone at the first race of the season of the Fastlane Automotive Stickshift series, May 15th at Bandimere Speedway for their Coy’s Street Machine Shootout.  We have had some new members the last couple seasons step up competition levels and are good picks for trying to knock Travis off of his throne this year.

As previously mentioned, our car count has grown the last couple years and we have had some members not able to make last season due to mechanical issues, but with hard work and determination they were able to make it out to the last couple races and should make events more interesting going forward.  We will be excited to have all members finally make as many events together as possible this year and put on a show wherever we go.  When we make our returning trips back to Pueblo for our two events, we will be able to make exhibition passes in front of what used to be a large crowd on Friday night.  We can make these exhibition passes for only gate entry fees, but the track will also have a gamblers race Friday night running for some cash in a box/no box competition for only $40.00.  Remember to check the race track events for additional classes as we tried to schedule races on the tracks big event weekends.  Stay up to date with all race weekend info and points battle on the new website.  Some changes this year besides the website is our yearly membership dues increasing to $175.  This fee is still waived if you bring an associate membership of $1000.00.  Again, yearly dues and associated sponsorship goes to paying round pay and member shirts.  Additional shirts can be purchased for just $10.  Another change is to some track and association rules that we have adopted for support for the tracks that we visit.  Like all other growing classes, concept ideas, gadgets and new products are always up and coming with research and an improvement in design that will improve your vehicle.  Keep in mind that we have started this racing association to keep the old school feel and drag racing roots style class fun and competitive. If you are changing or adding a competitive enhancement component, please consult the rules and the board members for approval.  If you are not sure of such device then please double check.  As for some rule changes this year that are changing are no street tires or drag radials are allowed at Bandimere and we will also be adopting this rule.  A couple other rule changes we will be adopting; no throttle manipulation, no traction control or assist allowed and no 4 wheel drives allowed.

The race season is fast approaching and we will be in the staging lanes to start the 2016 RMSS season and we couldn’t have a great season without our great sponsors; Mike Sasina with Metro Pavers, Frank and Sandy Nuanes with Air Flow Heating and Air Conditioning, Joe and Lori Redunski with Rush Towing, Brad and Cole Shaffer with Napa University Auto Parts of Boulder, Superior and Sterling, and Scott Bennett and the crew at Fastlane/Midtown Automotive, THANK YOU!!!!!!!  We want to thank Larry and Sandy Cleveland with Summit Wines and Spirits and Mile High Octane, who have helped us out for numerous years with your amazing support and friendship, and new sponsors hopefully on the horizon.  You, the member, are also a large part of the growing class that deserves to be thanked as well.  THANK YOU!!!!! Remember membership dues this year is 175.00, and if you bring an associate sponsorship of $1000.00 then your membership dues are waived.  We are grateful that member and sponsor Kiel Henderson of Henderson Motorsports came up with an idea to supply Winner and Runner-up member trophies at all point’s races and has decided to do the same again this year.  I have had the privilege to see these first hand and they are amazing.  Thank you, Kiel and Henderson Motorsports, for your awesome work and creativity in these trophies.  May 15th is quickly approaching; see you in the pits and in the staging lanes.