1) Rules can change when new technology is introduced.


2) Any new device that effects performance or is considered a competition advantage needs to be approved.


3) Clutch must be manually operated by foot, NO other means of release.  So NO Magnetic, Pneumatic or Electric devices that delay or interrupt the clutch.  Clutch tamers are allowed.


4) All cars must be manually shifted, No Brunos!!! Liberty and Lenco are permitted.


5) NO throttle stops of any sort, Electric, Pneumatic, or Hydraulic.


6) NO delay boxes or any device that effects the cars launch, Magnetic or Pneumatic.


7) MSD three steps are permitted.


8) Data Recorders are allowed.


9) Superchargers, Turbochargers, Nitrous and alcohol are all permitted.


10) NO excessive braking on top end of race track (if smoke is seen from brake/tire area) the competitor will be disqualified and/or the other competitor will be awarded win and continue in competition.


11) Random RMSS member Safety/Tech inspection(s) will happen at every race!


12) All cars, drivers and crew must follow host track rules.  General and safety of sanctioning body rules as well.


13) ALL RMSS cars must display sponsor decals to be eligible for round pay.


14) No AWD, FWD or 4WD vehicles allowed. No Diesels allowed.


15) Programmable ignition and fuel injection systems are allowed, EXCEPT the MSD ARC control module, Davis Traction Control or any traction control.


16) Adjustable throttle spacers and linkage are allowed. (e.t. genie).


17) NO in car communication-Includes 2 way headsets, Radio headsets.


18) In order to receive perfect attendance bonus points, car and driver must be present with full intent to race, as well as purchase a tech card.


19) Diapers are required on cars running 11.50 or faster.


20) The most important rules of all—-WFO!!!!